About Us

TruVibe, based in Sparks, NV, is an organic superfoods company founded on the core premise that positive thinking and positive energy lead to eating healthier and living happier. Our superfoods are raw, organic, vegan, nutrient dense, GMO-free, and infused with positive energy. 

raw certified organic ingredients

All of our products are certified organic and are sourced directly from small farms to your table. Our products are raw with as little processing as possible. We work to ensure that any processing and/or milling takes place at low temperatures under 117º Fahrenheit to preserve vital nutrients.  


All of our products are GMO-free and are in the process of being certified non-GMO project verified. Having a GMO-free product line is extremely important in preserving the organic nature and integrity of our products, your body, and the earth's soil.  

nutrient dense superfoods

We believe wholeheartedly in nutrient dense superfoods. In an era where so many minerals have been depleted from soils around the world rendering much of food supply empty. It is more important now than ever to make sure you feed your body the proper nutrition it needs to sustain a healthy human life. We think the best way to ensure that is with our nutrient dense superfoods. 

experience life

In our view people tend to do things for one of two reasons, either because they have to or because they are INSPIRED to. We think it's pretty easy to assume that most people want to live the life they choose and only take actions that they are inspired to take. If you are living the life you choose then you are truly "experiencing life."